Get the Scholarships That Best Fit You

Milva Garcia

Milva Garcia

Wed Feb 10 2021 1 min read

  1. Apply, apply, apply! The scholarship process is a numbers game. Make sure that you are actively searching and applying to scholarships; EDUrain makes that easy with one of the LARGEST, FREE databases of scholarships matched personally to YOU!
  2. Keep your social media clean: Did you know that colleges and scholarship committees do check your social media? Make sure you’re posting things that you would be okay with them seeing.
  3. Do the optional questions! When it comes to scholarships, everything counts, so make sure you’re filling out all the optional questions and putting your best foot forward in each application you send out.
  4. Look for scholarships at the college you’re interested in: There are a lot of merit-based scholarships that you can apply for at the college you’re interested in. Many students never find out about these scholarships until they get to campus, but most of these scholarships are only open to high school seniors. Make sure you’re early!


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